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#DentalTalk No. 2: "I never floss"

Flossing Tips Dentex Dental

We remind our patients to floss daily as part of their home care routine – but we get how difficult it can be! We hear from patients all the time that they rarely floss, hate to floss, or constantly forget to floss.

Need motivation to step up your dental hygiene? Flossing once per day can prevent cavities and gum disease, help control diabetes, reduce bad breath and even prevent heart disease. Flossing helps prevent bacteria buildup in your mouth, which if left unattended can cause tooth decay or allow bacteria into your bloodstream.

Here’s some ideas to improve your flossing game:

1. Switch up when you floss. Always too tired to floss at night? Try fitting it in in the morning or another time to see if that helps.

2. Use a habit-tracking app to track your flossing, like Productive - Habit Tracker, Strides or to make and keep goals. (Setting a daily reminder on your phone also works!)

3. Try a new tool, like switching up your brand of floss or trying out a Waterpik to see if a new tool or method will make it easier.

4. Ask your hygienist to review brushing and flossing for tips on improving your habits!

#DentalTalk is a series where we discuss questions and comments we frequently hear from our patients. To talk to one of our team members about your dental care, contact us or book your next visit today!