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What to expect at your first VISIT

Welcome to our dental office! We are committed to providing you with the best dental treatment possible in a caring and gentle environment.

A comprehensive evaluation generally consists of a 60-minute appointment where we will perform a complete oral examination and any necessary x-rays. We will provide a full diagnosis and treatment plan, including any problems present in your mouth and explain any treatments necessary to extend the longevity of your remaining teeth. At that time fees will be discussed and any dental insurance involvement can be reviewed. 

During a problem-focused exam, we will isolate one issue based on the symptoms you are experiencing and recommend treatment related to that issue only. We will review treatment options and help you begin or coordinate treatment if you are ready to move forward with your dental care.

We are dedicated to personalized private care. Appointment times are reserved specially for each patient's needs. If you find you must reschedule your appointment, we appreciate at least a 48-hour notice so your time can be reassigned to another patient. For canceled appointments planned for more than one hour without adequate notice, or excessive cancellations, a $40 cancellation fee may apply.

We would like you to feel special while in our office and under our care. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and talk to one of our team members. We look forward to meeting you!

Patient Amenities

Your comfort is very important to us. We understand that visiting the dentist office is not anyone’s favorite thing to do, so we try to create a pleasant atmosphere for our patients. This includes offering a variety of amenities.


We offer coffee and water in our office while you wait or during your appointment.


We try to keep our wait times short, but to keep you occupied until we’re able to see you, we offer several magazines to suit different interests.

Blankets and pillows

Nothing says comfort more than a pillow, so if you need some help relaxing or getting comfortable, simply ask for a pillow. We also know that it can get a little chilly in the office sometimes, so at any point during your appointment do you feel the need to warm up, simply request a blanket and one will be provided for you.

If there’s anything else you need during your appointment, please feel free to ask and we will do our best to meet your needs.

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